Join Taya Griffin, Lactation Consultant
at the Central Toronto Breastfeeding Cafe
at BB BUGGY Yorkville on Thursday
December 14th from 10-11 a.m.
10 Yorkville Avenue.

Join us in sharing your joys, challenges and unique breastfeeding experiences (and ask any questions you may have) in this informal get together.

We welcome Emma Rohmann, environmental engineer and founder of Green at Home, as she talks to us about "How to Choose Healthier Baby Care Products".

In this engaging and informative discussion, you'll learn what's in baby care products and why it matters for their health. We'll discuss how to read labels to avoid greenwashing, know which ingredients to avoid, plus you'll learn about healthier brands that you'll love. 

Of course we will also be answering questions about everything breastfeeding related!!

The Breastfeeding Café is FREE. Please RSVP with Taya Griffin ( at

Can't wait to see you!!!!



Emma Rohmann

The catalyst for becoming more eco-conscious is often the arrival of a new baby. But unfortunately, there’s very little oversight when it comes to personal care and baby care products. Terms like “natural”, “for baby” and, in some cases, even “organic” aren’t clearly defined or regulated. So it can be incredibly hard for a new parent to make sense of their options.

My Healthy Baby package is designed to cut through the noise, and give you the (practical and well-researched) information you need to invest your dollars smartly, avoid green washing, and – most importantly – set your babe up for the best possible start in life.