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As you have probably heard, Gro have launched their latest ‘must-have’, an innovative white noise device. Now the product is available to purchase, we thought we’d explain why we are so excited about the Gro-hush in a bit more detail, and answer some of the questions we’ve been asked.

First off – what does it do, and does it work?

The Gro-hush is a unique portable baby calmer that uses white noise to soothe your baby. It is a hand held device which you hold directly to the baby’s ear so that only they can hear the white noise. That makes it a brilliant tool for any parent or caregiver, as you can calm your baby without creating additional noise - so for example whether you are at home when you don’t want to disturb a sleeping partner, or if you want to keep your baby relaxed and happy in a public place such as a cafe or on public transport.

From our initial research we have found that 90% of parents of babies aged 0-6 weeks said it was “effective or very effective at calming or soothing”, and 95% of the group agreed  “I love my Gro-hush and so does my baby” .

But don’t just take our word for it, you can now find fantastic reviews for the Gro-hush online. Here are a few of our favourite snippets ....

 “I have to say I was surprised at how well this works “

 “my husband or others could more easily settle her”

“have tried with our 9 month old and she immediately softened and relaxed, it was great on a flight to Majorca last week”

“It could save your sanity”

What are the benefits of white noise?

White noise is a new parenting phenomenon due to its ability to calm and soothe babies.

Commonly claimed benefits include:

•    Reducing stress in babies

•    Helping babies cry less

•    Preventing babies from being startled by random noises

•    Preventing colic and stress induced reflux

Another effect of calming babies is they might be soothed to sleep. One study found that 80% of newborns fell asleep within 5 minutes in response to white noise. (Study by institute of obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea hospital, London.)

The main aim of the Gro-hush however, is to calm and soothe your baby.

What are the benefits of using the Gro-hush specifically?

•    Anyone can use it – The Gro-hush is a tool that any caregiver can use, meaning mum can use it, or it also provides a helpful tool for Dad, grandparents, friends, caregivers .....

•    Only your baby can hear it – when held to the ear, only that person can hear the white noise, meaning you won’t disturb others.

•    Travel – you might be a fan of white noise, but what do you do if you don’t want to play it loudly when away from home? The Gro-hush can be used anywhere from waiting rooms, to coffee shops, to planes to weddings, keeping your baby calm without creating any additional noise.

•    It aids positive parenting practices – The Gro-hush is designed to be another tool for caregivers. It doesn’t replace or remove the need for the loving comfort a parent can give through their touch, but assists it. As one reviewer puts it, it’s “not an alternative to close contact, but an aid to it”.

•    It is set a safe volume level unlike some white noise products - so you can be confident you can use the Gro-hush as much as you need to.

•    Great aid to feeding – Easy to use in a natural feeding position when holding your baby.

Is it safe?

The Sound levels have been set at a volume that is safe for continuous sound as stated by the Children Hearing Institute in New York. It is not possible to alter the sound levels of the Gro-hush so you can’t have it too loud, therefore you can safely use it for an unlimited length of time.

What are the three different sounds for?

Different babies prefer different types of white noise, and the three different sounds all have a slightly different pitch and frequency, so we recommend trying all of them.

You may find Rain on a Tin roof to be most ‘interruptive’ if your baby is upset, providing something different for them to focus on. Ocean Waves is slow, steady and peaceful, and Mother’s Heartbeat is re-assuring with a steady rhythm.

Can I use it on an older Child?

The Gro-hush and the way you use it (being ‘worn’ on the hand) has specifically been designed with newborn and young babies in mind. That isn’t to say it won’t necessarily work on slightly older babies, particularly if they respond well to white noise, but we recommend using from birth or a young age where possible when white noise can be most effective.

Although we’re not actively recommending the product for older children, as this review shows, sometimes it can work!

“My almost 3 year old has been difficult to settle from birth, despite trying many, many, many different solutions. To my total shock this worked!! He settled down after a few minutes and was asleep in less than 10 minutes! I tried it several times to see if it was just a fluke but no, the effect continues (touch wood!)”

What is wrong with using an app on my phone?

Mobile phones emit  electromagnetic radiation. There is not enough known about the effects of mobile phones for use in close proximity to babies and small children for this to be considered safe as they are more susceptible to radiation.

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